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James & Dolley Madison | Montpelier
Life-sized bronze sculpture
of James and Dolley Madison

StudioEIS has completed its installation of 50 sculpted museum figures for the new National Infantry Museum that will open at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia on June 19, 2009. The next e-newsletter will feature images and the story of the making of this remarkable project.

On May 27, a week after Dolley Madison’s birthday, StudioEIS, Robert H. Smith, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Montpelier Foundation, unveiled a remarkable new sculpture - the third in this series of James and Dolley Madison, at the Madison’s historic home Montpelier, in Orange, Virginia.

“So lovely! Two things strike me about this lovely, evocative piece. First, Dolley is famous for her public persona, and often depictions of her reflect only that side of her. I like so much the tableau around the book - she was quite a thoughtful person.

Second, and even more moving, are the two figures vis a vis each other. Dolley and James truly had a partnership and a symbiotic connection that is made manifest in the way they are touching. I think this work imbues them with a tender humanity.”

CATHERINE ALLGOR - Professor of History at the University of California - Author of A Perfect Union, Dolley Madison and the creation of the American Nation.

In the coming weeks, StudioEIS will roll out its new website. Faster and visually stunning with many new images, it will combine the two current sites into one dynamic destination. Look for the website in June. We’ll be sending a link via our next e-newsletter.

The intersection of Art & History, Visual Storytelling, the making of James and Dolley Madison – all a part of the coming blog. Look for it soon.
“The purpose of art is to inform and delight” from the Roman poet Horace.
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