Innovative Object Making and Visual Storytelling

Our new website combines the Studio’s previous sites into one dynamic destination that is faster and more interactive!

>> LAUNCHING NEW WEBSITE and let us know what you think.
New Online Store! In the coming months, we will be introducing our own eclectic online store, which will sell StudioEIS creations along with treasures and collectibles from around the world. Stay tuned.
New Logo! With the launch of the website, we are also unveiling a more architectural, design-driven and optimistic logo.
New Blog! It’s a new feature on the site, check out Ivan Schwartz-The Visual Storyteller and his musings on art, culture and commerce.

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  On November 18, 2009 StudioEIS will dedicate its second Lincoln Sculpture in this, Abraham Lincoln’s bicentennial year, at the National Military Park and Visitor Center in Gettysburg.
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