Museum Figures:Overview

Museum figures are sculpted for public and private institutions around the world. They are used by museums and exhibition designers to communicate and visualize the stories the institutions wish to tell. StudioEIS has been creating sculpted museum figures for more than three decades for history, anthropology, natural history, science & technology museums as well as sports museums and trade expositions.

Their sculptures capture the character, gesture and movement of real people. StudioEIS breathes life and soul into its museum figures through a collaborative production process that includes sculptors, painters, costumers, researchers, designers, mold makers, model makers and foundry men and women. EIS figures are designed and built by craftspeople whose innovative object making skills have made the studio synonymous with the very best museum figures anywhere in the world today.

The figures are built in a variety of materials from bronze and acrylic resins to plastic materials. Museum figures are generally life sized, but we also make them smaller or larger depending on the needs of a particular exhibition. Their figures are lifelike but can also be treated in painterly or faux metallic finishes. The portrait sculptures created by StudioEIS are featured in many of America’s most important cultural institutions.

Museum Figures: Anthropology

StudioEIS museum figures tell the story of some of the world’s great anthropological discoveries from Machu Picchu for Yale University and native people from the Amazon for the American Museum of Natural History to the recent Written in Bone exhibition at Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. StudioEIS’ capability to forensically recreate figures has been employed in several high profile projects.

Museum Figures: Sports

Museum Sports figures produced by StudioEIS have become legendary and can be seen at the Yankee Stadium Museum, Major League Baseball’s New York offices, Niketowns around the country, the NCAA Hall of Champions and at NASCAR’s new museum as well as the great Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. StudioEIS’ sports museum figures are accurate and powerfully expressive in their gestural realities.

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Museum Figures: Military History

Museum Figures representing military history have been a significant part of our working experience. Scrupulous in attention to detail and accuracy, EIS’ military projects can be seen in many of our most important military museums. Recent projects include: The Center for Military History, The Army Corps of Engineers at Fort Leonard Wood, The National Marine Corps Museum in Virginia and the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning in Georgia. StudioEIS will be working on the upcoming National Museum of the Army in Fort Belvoir scheduled to open in 2017

Museum Figures: History and Cultural History

With America’s rich cultural history, StudioEIS’ figures are always in demand. Projects run the gamut from forensic reconstructions for George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens to the African American Burial Ground in New York. Compelling stories and history continue to drive the development of new projects for which StudioEIS is always illustrating and building work. From Motown and the National Civil Rights Museum, Founding Fathers or the history of Jazz, StudioEIS museum figures create the bridge from “thought to thing,” in the designer’s play book.